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In these small group sessions, led by the coach, we combine the effectiveness of the training with the joy and motivational impact of doing sports together. According to the experience, our brain makes our body work more intense and persistent, as the effect of social experience. There are maximum 6 persons in a group, so everyone receives attention due to the limited number. You have the opportunity to use heart rate monitor, so that the trainer could follow your workout rhythm on a monitor, and guide you to the proper heart rate range.

Types of functional group training

Y Training

(Bodyweight training with strap)

Y Tréning

Y Training performs compound exercises with the help of a strap; we make more than one muscle group work, and treat our body as a whole. This functional training prepares our muscles and organism for daily stress.

Advantages of functional training:

  • improves muscular balance, joint stability
  • reduces risk of injury
  • improves body awareness
  • we can carry out daily task more easily, as an effect of functional training

Who we recommend it for:

  • beginners to obtain good condition
  • those who want to strengthen the trunk muscles
  • those who want to enhance muscle tone through varied workouts
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Core Training

(Abdomen, low back muscle strengthening)

Core Training

The most important aim of Core Training is to develop trunk muscles (abdomen, back, spine, stabilizing muscles) and limb stabilizing muscles. We can soon enjoy the result of progress made in core training, in the everyday life, as back pain ceases during a sedentary job.

Advantages of core training:

  • abdomen and back muscles
  • develops balance, stability
  • improves posture

Who we recommend it for:

  • people with back and waist pain
  • those who are in a sedentary job; to maintain muscle balance
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Cross Training

(Strength and stamina increase)

Cross Training

Cross training provides versatile capability development. Strength and stamina development, enhancement of muscle tone, joint and spinal stabilization, balance and coordination development take place at each training session. Full body training, supplemented with high-intensity phases (hops, push-ups, cardio machines, rowing ergometer), advanced power endurance training.

Advantages of cross training:

  • stamina and strength develop at the same time
  • diversity training, new challenges

Who we recommend it for:

  • those who do sports regularly and to develop stamina and condition
  • those who are attracted by new challenges
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(Abdomen, thighs, bottom shaping)


We have developed this type of training specifically for women. Over the years, our trainers have heard many requires for development from women for different part of the body. They aggregated these experiences, observed the trends, and created the FitGirl program which gives solution for

Advantages of FitGirl training:

  • highly personalized, tailored
  • quick visible results
  • our most feminine training

Who we recommend it for:

  • those who want to fine-tune their shape and have some sort of sports-related experience
  • those who are seeking a feminine shape
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Professional training technology

For the training programs, 1stCLUB is using the POLAR medical training devices, improved since 1977, in a unique way. These instruments can help you, the team and the personal trainers to achieve an accurate, efficient and effective training.

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