Exclusive Relaxing SPA

Where comfort and health encounter!


Let your body experience beach feeling at our club. Beach climate is simulated in our salt room, which has numerous beneficial effects. It is strengthening the immune system, cleaning the airway and it also has disease prevention effect.

Mist produced from SALVUS salt water, which contains the water-soluble medicinal substances. A few micrometers in diameter, thereby reaching the deep airways, thus facilitating cleaning! Highly recommended for those who live in a city.



The great advantage of the steam room is its effect on the skin. The steam expands the pores, cleans up, fills up the skin with moisture, relaxes and refreshes. The skin is becoming soft, clean and silky smooth.

It also has a favourable effect on health: especially recommended for some types of health problems, to alleviate disease (asthma, bronchitis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract disease, cough, not severe rheumatism and painful joints or joints with limited functionality).


Light Therapy Sauna

The skin’s metabolism will increases 2-3 fold, the upper epidermis will swell and the keratinized skin cells will become washable. The accelerated circulation will force the sweat glands to liberate the accumulated waste products, thus starts the detoxification. The light therapy sauna has a special stress releasing effect.

Light Therapy Salt Wall

Light therapy salt wall is one of the newest and best ways to preserve your health. It is extremely good for the organism, as it absorbs airborne bacteria and ions, so you can breathe the cleanest air, avoiding the harmful substances that would get into the organism. While maintaining your health, it is a truly relaxing opportunity, and besides retreat, it clears up the mind as well. Especially recommended for those suffering from respiratory illnesses.

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A little refreshment is always a good idea during sports and relaxation!

We are welcoming you at 1stCAFE with preservative-free sports drinks, high-quality mineral waters, professional German food supplements and of course with freshly squeezed fruit juice!

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